Surfer - Top View


Plenty of surfers start their morning in the ocean at sunrise. We paddle out towards the horizon and sit up on the board watching the sun come up. If a great wave comes, we turn around, paddle and catch it.


There’s nothing like riding a wave in the beautiful light from the sun, reflecting against the water in all kinds of colors. It reduces stress and you get to experience the beauty of nature that gives you the energy boost needed to start your day. And, of course, we have a lot of fun!


There are plenty of other reasons surfing is so popular and why surfers do it as often as they can. What is it that makes surfing stand out from other sports and why should you learn how to surf? First, surfing is not only a sport - we at SouthCal Surf Lessons call it a lifestyle.  Being out in the ocean is like food for your soul. Here are some reasons why.

Why should you learn how to surf? SouthCal Surf Lessons in Venice Beach

1. It makes you happier

To start or end your day catching waves is the perfect source of well-being. It gives you pleasure, joy and an escape from daily problems. Having a tough day at work? No worries, learn how to surf with us in Venice Beach or go out and catching waves yourself and you’ll forget all about it!


Catching waves makes you feel more alive and it fills you with energy and happiness. It's the perfect getaway when stress gets too much, or you just need a break. 

2. You will be healthier and more flexible

Put simply; if you surf, you never have to go to the gym. A surfer has the benefits of a highly active lifestyle. Even if you just take a single surf lesson to learn how to surf you will be sore the day after. It’s a full body workout pushing through the waves, paddling out and popping up on your board. On top of that, the environment is always changing. From wind to tide to weather, every wave will be different than the last. This also teaches you about nature and how to adapt to it.

3. It’s always challenging and teaches you about fears and risks

Since the ocean is in perpetual motion, it always changes and you can always get surprised. No matter how much or little experience you have in surfing, it always challenges you. Sometimes the ocean can be dangerous, that’s why it’s important to know the ins and outs of it, and have a surf instructor that teaches you about safety. It also means we are facing our fears and learning how to work with nature’s obstacles. At SouthCal Surf Lessons we teach you all about it!

4. Surfing is a lifestyle

Surfing has always been more than just a sport. If you talk to any surfer, they would agree that surfing is who we are, not what we do. It has its own taste in fashion, art, language and lifestyle. The water is a symbol of life and energy, and the peace and harmony that comes with it is unmatched.

So what benefits do we get when learning how to surf?


The ocean is one of the most beautiful places to be with its different lights and colors. Surfing gives you the thrill of a lifetime and releases endorphins that make you happier. It’s an amazing way of taking time off from hectic jobs and other situations, and makes you face your fears and think of life differently. Furthermore, it also gives you a pretty good workout and a reason to explore new places all over the world and surf in different places, conditions, as well as meet new cultures and communities.

We at SouthCal Surf Lessons love the ocean, the peace and the adrenaline that comes with it. Surfing is a sport, but so much more than that. Do you want to find out for yourself and learn how to surf? We help both beginners and intermediates to get into the ocean and experience the thrill of surfing.


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